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Meet your photographer

   Hey! My name is Mariah. I was born and raised in Vermont and am a wanderlust soul with a passion for capturing natural beauty.


   Photography has been a hobby of mine from a young age, and took on a much greater meaning in 2019, when I caught a glimpse of how precious and fleeting life truly is.

In 2019 I was crushed by a pine tree and survived multiple catastrophic injuriesPhotography has been my savior through learning to walk again and navigating the mental and emotional hardships of being a traumatic injury survivor.


   When I have my camera in my hand, I can connect with the world around me in a deeper way, noticing details and beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed. It grounds me and gives me a sense of peace and tranquility that is healing. I cherish the ability to create, connect, and preserve through the art of storytelling. 



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